Ott Coffee

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Ott Coffee is a for-purpose business that produces hemp-infused coffee for conscious driven people who yearn for a connection with their state of flow. They provide a wellness experience without compromising high-quality coffee nor the environment. Ott encourages their CBD coffee lovers to find their center and start each day with a balanced mind, body, and spirit. 


Ott Coffee came to us for a rebrand, product label development, and web design in order to attract their ideal audience and to set themselves apart from the rest of the CBD coffee companies out there. They also needed help figuring out how to source the right sustainable packaging for their coffee bags without compromising the experience of their high-quality coffee. 


We framed the essence of Ott’s brand identity around their core values and principles such as interconnectedness, transparency, earth consciousness, community caring, nurturing, and state of flow. We uncovered the brand voice and tone adopting a “come as you are” attitude and instilling a joyous and authentic brand personality. Using the branded personality and voice, we also created 3 product labels for a Colombian coffee series to be launched in 2020 as well as recommendations for sustainable packaging. 


With their consistent branding, copy, and sustainable packaging recommendations we were able to define Ott’s brand identity and voice resulting in a confident, go with the flow, and creative personality. A brand for the progressive eco-conscious consumer unique from other CBD coffee companies by offering high-quality coffee that doesn’t come at the expense of people nor the environment!     

" Suzie and Christine over-delivered. Working with them was amazing, they were persistent and they kept the project moving forward. Suzie’s beautiful design of my cold brew can, coupled with Christine’s authentic words, tied everything together in an eloquent way. I will definitely continue working with them! "