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Romee Willow Florals provides floral designs for weddings and events that are artistic and environmentally friendly. Their design is centered around their artistry and people. They explore various compositions and color palettes to breathe life into their client’s vision. They’re inspired by nature and therefore feel it’s their duty to protect and implement a process that is environmentally conscious. Lastly, they genuinely care about their people. When you invest in Romee Willow Florals, you invest in a friend that supports and comforts them during an important time of their life.


Romee Willow Florals came to us in need of upscaling and updating their floral business. 


We helped Romee Willow Florals uniquely stand out and look more professional by using our values based branding approach. Their design is centered around their artistic nature, their community of people, and their values; love and compassion, attention to detail, inclusive, and being environmentally conscious. We explored various brand compositions and color palettes to truly represent their brand words; joyful, artistic, down to earth, inclusive, honest, and conscious. Their new brand name, Romee Willow Florals, is an intimate reflection of the founder with Romee being her daughter’s name and Willow being her favorite tree representing balance, grounding, flexibility, and harmony. 


We worked with Romee Willow Florals to deliver a complete brand identity including a logo, submark, color palette, typography, brand name development, web design and development, business cards, and a web copy consultation. 

“Working with Christine and Suzie was wonderful! In the past I’ve always worried about graphic designers portraying me and my brand, I felt like they really understood me, I trusted them and I was never worried.”