Using business as a force for good to drive a global movement of positive change is the only path forward. 

We believe that businesses are responsible for considering the impact their decisions have on their employees, customers, community members, environment, and suppliers. 

People, Profit, Planet, Purpose

The concept highlights the importance of not overlooking people, the planet, and your purpose when chasing the profit. This model puts our wellbeing, the protection of our natural environment, and supporting economic development, and your values at equal importance when doing business.

This quadruple bottom line is a sustainability framework that looks at a company’s social, economic, and environmental impact while staying true to why your business exists.  

Intersectional environmentalism is the link between climate justice and social justice. We cannot advocate for one without the other. It seeks to identify the interconnection of how injustices impact vulnerable communities and the earth. The movement was started by Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Color. How can you do your part? Diversify your news, where you get your opinions, and your social media feeds. 

What is Intersectional Environmentalism?

Below are some resources where you can learn more about intersectional environmentalism: 


Siembra is the spanish word for sowing or planting. We believe each and every one of us has a unique seed of purpose weaved into the fabric of our existence. Siembra Studios exists to sow and to cultivate that seed into a regenerative and sustainable garden harvesting confidence, purpose, and radical change. We’re here to grow a community of self-realized ethical entrepreneurs united and supported through conscious expansion and creativity.  

Siem • bra

These statements are meant to serve as our guide towards dismantling racism and white supremacy as entrepreneurs and among our work as creatives for a sustainable and ethical future. 

Our Anti-Racism and Inclusion Statement

Serve only clients who share our values and our commitment towards BIPOC communities.

Engage in the difficult conversations. Whether that be in person or on a sales call. If a skeptical comment or action is made, call it out, be confident to mark your stance and to share where your values lie. 

Add a clause into our contracts that allows us to step away from a difficult client who exhibits problematic behaviors or comments. 

Be bold and be vocal. Share your stance in your marketing, website, social media, and communication materials. 

Listen, learn, and lead. We vow to sit back and listen to the voices that need to be heard, to learn from BIPOC educators, influencers, and leaders who have done the work, and to lead by sharing their call for equality and justice. Silence is not an option.